About Corning Contingent Community

Corning Incorporated Talent Network is an online application where potential job seekers can join and access current and future temporary/contract jobs with Corning Incorporated as part of the contingent/temp workforce program. Current Employees, Contractors and Alumni’s can join this network to refer potential talent to open jobs.

Yes. These applications are specific to temporary/contract opportunities which are actively managed under the Corning Incorporated contingent workforce program.

Learn more about Magnit Global at

Contractor/Temporary roles are posted on this application. Full time roles can be found on Corning Incorporated’s corporate career site.


As a contractor worker at Corning Incorporated, you will be employed by Magnit Global. You will not be an employee or other agent of Corning Incorporated; instead, you will be the W2 employee of Magnit LLC. Magnit has been contracted by Corning Incorporated to provide 3rd party payroll and employer of record services for individuals performing temporary and contract positions.

Job Seeker

There are two options. First, you can review the current open roles on this link and apply for any specific jobs that you are interested in. If you do not find any specific open roles suitable, you can still join the Talent Network where you will be notified for new jobs matching your profile & skills as soon as they open.

Full time permanent roles can be found on Corning Incorporated’s corporate career site.

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